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Cross-platform tests using v252f

Raw .difx files for comparison purposes

How to test

Download the v252f test dataset from this ftp area. Run it through as directed in the README file.

Then, create a .difx directory for each of the comparison datasets you want to check against. I suggest calling them “<sitename>IPP<IPPversion>_1.difx”. Then copy the tarball from the table above, place it in that directory and untar it.

Now you can test any pair of datasets by running <directory1>/DIFX_54626_005310.s0000.b0000 <directory2>/DIFX_54626_005310.s0000.b0000 –inputfile=example_1.input.

Please also upload your results into the table above! The uploader won't allow a raw DiFX file (it complains about the filename extension) plus everyone will be loading up files of the same name. So please first tar it, using a filename like <sitename>IPP<IPPversion>.tar.

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