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Steps to take when a DiFX version bump occurs at NRAO, to keep V-FASTR running

  1. Create a new environment setup script /home/boom/difx/DiFX-trunk/setup_difx.$NEWDIFXVERSION (copy/paste the previous one and update the version of the VLBA DiFX setup script being called)
  2. Create a new script /home/boom/difx/DiFX-trunk/bin/transient_dispatcher.$NEWDIFXVERSION (copy/paste the previous one and update the DiFX version of the setup file being sourced.)
  3. Source the DiFX setup file that was just created (/home/boom/difx/DiFX-trunk/setup_difx.$NEWDIFXVERSION)
  4. Go to /home/boom/difx/DiFX-trunk/svnarea/applications/difxfilterbank and make, make install
  5. Go to the JPL svn area and recompile/reinstall
  6. Kill the transient_daemon and restart (just to be safe)

Old notes on the V-FASTR system operations

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