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KASI Mopra: Setup and Observing

Schedule Preparation

Standard .vex file required. Following setup assumes $IF LO setting is correct and what OCTAD will assume.

On ATNF machines as user vlbi (maybe we need a KASI account, or group)

  • Copy .vex file to `ftp` area (~vlbi/ftp/KASI/<exper>)
  • -nofreq <exper>

This copies a translated Mopra telescopes schedule ( to the Mopra observing machines

Telescope Setup

XXX For VNC window Setup

Connect to bigrock:1 VNC (ssh tunnel via `venice`).

To further translate the schedule, in a terminal

  • cd sched_vlbi
  • atcasched
  • @<exper>
  • write
  • exit

To run the schedule. In a terminal run vlobs:

  • vlobs
  • file <exper>
  • lo_disable
  • start

To stop a schedule use the vlobs command stop

You also need to:

  • In attest set “mm attenuation”. (under atten tab)
  • lo_setup. Choose a frequency +- 8004 MHz from assumed LO in vexfile (See below for sign of offset)
Freq lo_setup freq offset Sideband
16-26 GHz +8004 MHz LSB
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