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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Hobart, 12 Feb 2010


Some actions were carried forward and modified from the previous meeting(s) at Curtin, March 2009. A consolidated and integrated list is given here.

  1. ACTION: e-VLBI issues
    • Check on connectivity to Tasmania (UTas)
    • Promote eVLBI better (All)
    • Test parallel eVLBI/recording (Chris)
    • Display delay-time for monitoring (Chris)
    • eVLBI scheduling (cf EVN of ~10sessions/year) (ATNF)
  1. ACTION: e-VLBI setup (Chris/Cormac)
    • Vex file to eVLBI
    • Webpages to setups
    • eVLBI setup files
  1. ACTION: SCHED issues
    • Inform PIs on latest version of SCHED (Phil)
    • CAL flags into SCHED? Check with Craig Walker (Cormac)
    • Update sources.dat file with calibrator flags (Cormac/Chris)
      • fringe-finders
      • phase reference sources
      • calibrators on long baselines
      • new calibrators via eVLBI
    • Web interface to skeleton key-file for “standard” schedules? (Cormac)
    • LBA examples into SCHED release (Cormac)
    • Better defaulting mechanisms in SCHED?
  1. ACTION: VSIC issues (Chris)
    • VSIC mods for automatic setup
    • remote control
    • implementation
  1. ACTION: Investigate transient triggering for VLBI (Tasso)
  1. ACTION: Training on setups for “key” people (All)
  1. ACTION: Demos
    • Overseas telescopes in eVLBI? (Tasso)
      • Kashima, Shanghai, …
      • Brazil, India
    • APT operations (Phil)
    • Regular AARNet demos to Asia ~2/year for ~10 hrs (Tasso/Chris Hancock)
    • Choice of DBBCs, DBEs etc (Alll)
    • LIEF proposal? (Curtin/Utas/UWA)
  1. ACTION: Disks
    • ARCS in Adelaide for Cd disks? Curtin can provided XRAID chassis. (Cormac/Claire/Florian)
    • 2nd XRAID chassis for Cd (Simon/Chris)
    • Investigate ARCS-like transfers from NZ (Steven/Chris/NZ)
    • Disk issues on CUPPA. PBstore speeds. (Curtin)
    • Investigate new disk systems (All)
    • Buy more Mk5 disks (ATNF/Curtin)
  1. ACTION: Correlators
    • New scripts from NRAO for DiFX (Cormac/Chris)
    • Check with Adam re 8-bit into DiFX 2.0 (Cormac)
    • Advance warning to correlator of technical requirements of observations (PIs)
    • Pulsar binning into AIPS?
    • Spectral line calibration (Chris/Cormac/Adam/Walter)
      • labelling of array in AIPS (not AT-LBA)
  1. ACTION: New recorder machines? (Chris)
    • Implement GPU autocorrelators? (Chris/Richard)
  1. ACTION: Proposals and scheduling
    • More LBA time? (All)
      • Investigate number of proposals not getting time (Phil)
    • More sessions of fewer days? (All)
    • Standard modes information for proposals (ATNF)
    • Call for proposals on VLBI exploders (nrao; evntech) (Phil)
    • Include new polarisation capabilities in call for proposals?
    • Encourage more observations with EAVN (All)
      • APT email exploder? (Phil)
  1. ACTION: Wiki/Web
    • Wiki reorganisation for more accessibility (Chris/Cormac)
    • Update DAS modes table.
    • Upgrade/rationalise LBA website (ATNF/Cormac)
    • Wiki attachments?
  1. ACTION: Observing
    • Look at recent CD observations for instability (correlator)
    • Check recent Ho data for cross-polarisation (correlator)
    • Get Parkes calibration data (Tasso/JER)
    • Better monitoring via MONICA? (Chris)
  1. ACTION: LBA archive online
    • On ATOA? (Tasso)
  1. ACTION: eVLBI workshop at Curtin. Need SOC and LOC (Steven)
  1. ACTION: Next Ops meeting venue. Sydney or NZ? (Tasso)
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