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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Auckland, 8-9 Feb 2011


The ordering of this action list roughly follows the agenda of the meeting. Some actions were carried forward and modified from the previous meeting(s) at Hobart, March 2010. A consolidated and integrated list is given here.

  1. ACTION: Proposals and scheduling
    • Monitor available LBA time and oversubscription (Phil)
    • More sessions of fewer days? Produce early schedules and information. (Phil)
    • Call for proposals on VLBI exploders (nrao; evntech) (Phil, Tasso)
    • Review availability for Ww and Hobart, especially for e-VLBI. (Tasso, Phil)
    • Investigate Community of Science Research forums (Tasso, Phil)
    • Encourage more observations with EAVN. Regenerate APT email exploder? (Phil)
    • Check/update Hart info and eVLBI availability in call for proposals. (Tasso, Phil, Jonathan)
    • Check Tid scheduling and availability of TANAMI blocks (Phil)
    • Offer Mk5 recording alternative in call for proposals (ATNF)
  1. ACTION: SCHED issues
    • Keep PIs informed on SCHED developments (Cormac,Phil)
    • Cal flags in SCHED? Update sources.dat file with calibrator flags (Cormac,Chris)
      • fringe-finders
      • phase reference sources
      • calibrators on long baselines
      • new calibrators via eVLBI
    • Ww setups in SCHED (NZ, Cormac)
  1. ACTION: Wiki/Web
    • Continuing Wiki reorganisation/maintenance for accessibility (Chris,Cormac)
    • Automate creation of Tsys and flagging files on Wiki (Cormac,Chris)
    • Link Ho, Cd and Ww cal files to wiki (Cormac)
    • Development of Ww noise cal systems and logs (NZ, LBA)
  1. ACTION: Observing and monitoring
    • Check Cd observations for instability. Feedback to UTas. (correlator)
    • Pursue phase problems at Cd (UTas, correlator)
  • Better monitoring via MONICA? (Chris)
    • Log ATCA refant via Monica (Chris)
  • Better LBA monitoring
    • Include LBA-live pages in recmon-like page? (Chris, Simon)
    • Use cdisko catalogs and extract file lists (Jamie)
    • Organise telecom for technical requirements (Tasso)
    • Involve NZ students in software developments (NZ, LBA)
  • Get Parkes calibration data (Tasso, JER, Ettore)
  • Get Tsys data on ATCA (Chris, Tasso)
  • ATCA Array phasing issues (Chris, Jamie, Tasso)
    • Need to get cal info to PIs. (ATNF)
    • Check schedules re phasing and inform PIs (Cormac)
  • VSIC mods for automatic recorder setup (ATNF)
    • remote control
    • implementation
  1. ACTION: Test/implement transient triggering for VLBI (Tasso)
  1. ACTION: Training on telescope setups for “key” people (All)
  1. ACTION: Test observations with AuScope? (UTas, ATNF)
  1. ACTION: Data storage and transfers
    • Implement ARCS data transfers from NZ (Chris, NZ, ARCS)
    • Investigate e-transfers of MK5 data at Tid (Shinji, Chris)
    • Implement Hart data e-transfers via ARCS (Chris, Jonathan, ARCS)
    • Monitor and support ARCS future (All)
      • ARCS-like services for 2011+?
  1. ACTION: Correlators
    • Advance warning to correlator of technical requirements of observations (PIs)
    • Feedback from PIs (Phil, PIs)
    • Monitor proportion of PIs downloading data (Hayley)
    • Mk5 playback? (Curtin)
    • Copy LBA data archive to ATNF (Curtin, ATNF)
      • investigate RPFITS issues with Adam.
    • LBA archive online via ATOA? (Tasso)
    • Aim for Tsys extraction at correlator (Curtin, ATNF)
  1. ACTION: Networks and e-VLBI Demos
    • Overseas telescopes in eVLBI? (Tasso)
      • Indian connectivity?
      • Regular Asia eVLBI tests?
    • Perth meeting demo? Possibly with China? (Steven, ATNF)
    • ASKAP eVLBI demos? (ATNF)
      • fine-up timing of Boolardy links (ATNF, AARNet)
      • Bruce DAS to Sydney (Tim, Chris)
    • NEXPReS BoD (Tasso, AARNet)
      • temporary circuits? (AARNet)
    • High BW trials with CISCO (AARNet)
    • Tasmania e-VLBI tests (UTas, AARNet, ATNF)
  1. ACTION: e-VLBI developments
    • Promote eVLBI better (All)
    • eVLBI scheduling (cf EVN of ~10sessions/year) (ATNF)
    • Advertise better e-VLBI capabilities with DiFX 2.0 (Tasso)
    • Utilise more e-VLBI test-time (ATNF)
    • Finalise VTP standard (Chris)
  1. ACTION: DAS and Recorders/Disks
    • Monitor developments of DBBCs, DBEs etc (All)
    • LIEF proposal for LBA DAS? (Curtin/Utas/UWA)
    • Investigate Tsys logging in DBBC
      • Collaboration with Gino and Bonn?
  • Monitor recorder/Disk developments (all)
    • Replacement of LBA recorders/Disks?
  1. ACTION: Organise VLBI science workshop (at ATNF?) (Tasso, Steven)
  1. ACTION: Next Ops meeting venue. Sydney? ATNF or AARNet? (Tasso)
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