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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Sydney, 21-22 Feb 2012


The ordering of this action list roughly follows the agenda of the meeting. Some actions were carried forward and modified from the previous meeting(s). A consolidated and integrated list is given here.

  1. ACTION: Proposals and scheduling
    • Monitor available LBA time and over-subscription (Phil)
    • Increase LBA time? (Phil)
    • Encourage more ToOs (ATNF)
    • More sessions of fewer days? Produce early schedules and information. (Phil)
    • Offer Mk5 subnet recording alternative with higher-BW in call for proposals (ATNF)
    • More disks at Ceduna from correlator (Correlator)
  1. ACTION: SCHED issues
    • Keep PIs informed on SCHED developments (Cormac,Phil)
    • Cal flags in SCHED? Update sources.dat file with calibrator flags (Cormac,Chris)
      • fringe-finders; phase reference sources; calibrators on long baselines; new calibrators via eVLBI
      • ATCA developments for flag support (Jamie, Chris)
      • VEX2 implementation for flags (Cormac, Chris)
      • Flags in correlators and eVLBI (Chris, Cormac)
    • Support in SCHED for new DAS
      • dBBC is SCHED? (Cormac, Stewart)
        • FS issues for dBBC via Ed Himwich (NZ)
      • DFB3 in SCHED (Chris, Cormac)
        • DFB3 specs to Cormac (Chris)
    • Mixed mode scheduling in SCHED for ATNF (Cormac, Chris)
  1. ACTION: Wiki/Web
    • Continuing Wiki reorganisation/maintenance for accessibility (Chris,Cormac)
    • Automate creation of Tsys and flagging files on Wiki (Cormac,Chris)
    • Link Ho, Cd and Ww cal files to wiki (Cormac)
    • Development of Ww noise cal systems and logs (NZ, LBA)
    • ATCA Tsys in Zoom modes (ATNF)
    • Check correct ATCA DAS modes on Wiki (Chris, Cormac)
    • Calibration data instructions on Wiki (Hayden, Hayley)
  1. ACTION: Observing and monitoring
    • L-band feed at Ww (NZ)
    • Ww Tsys monitoring (NZ)
    • Pursue phase problems at Cd (UTas, correlator)
      • Narrow-band test observations for e-transfer
      • Bruce-DAS at Cd for testing? (UTas, Curtin)
      • Nathan's super-Bruce DAS to Cd for testing? (Curtin, UTas)
    • Tropospheric data for Katherine (AuScope)
    • Better LBA monitoring
      • Include LBA-live pages in recmon-like page? (Chris, Simon)
      • Use cdisko catalogs and extract file lists (Jamie)
      • Get Tid monitoring? (Shinji, Chris)
      • Ww monitoring via scripts (Stewart, Cormac)
      • Try Monica polling (Jamie)
      • Test monitoring error thresholds (Chris)
    • Test longer recorded data files (Chris)
    • ATCA correlator modes. Check via fringe-checking in green time (ATNF)
    • Streamline fringe-checks for Mk5 (Chris)
    • Use Mk5a at Ho and Tid for higher BW
    • Investigate IVS special observations. Develop proposals. (Oleg)
    • When 2 antennas used at Tid, record in different directories (Shinji)
    • Utilise all available time at Tid (Shinji, ATNF)
    • Get Parkes calibration data (Tasso, JER, Ettore)
    • Get Tsys data on ATCA (Chris, Tasso)
    • ATCA Array phasing issues (Chris, Jamie, Tasso)
    • Implement VSIC mods for automatic recorder setup (ATNF)
  1. ACTION: eVLBI pointing for Ww (Chris, Cormac, Jamie M, NZ)
  1. ACTION: Data storage and transfers
    • Investigate future ARCS transfers or alternatives (ATNF)
    • Mk5 in Canberra for Tid transfers or ship Mk5 disks to Hobart? (Shinji, ATNF, UTas)
  1. ACTION: Correlators
    • Advance warning to correlator of technical requirements of observations (PIs)
    • Feedback from PIs (Phil, PIs)
    • Reduction pipeline on Cave for e-VLBI (Chris, Cormac)
    • Copy LBA data archive to ATNF (Curtin, ATNF)
      • investigate RPFITS issues with Adam.
    • LBA archive online via ATOA? (Tasso)
      • Investigate RPFITS and IDIFITS issues in ATOA (ATNF)
    • Aim for Tsys extraction at correlator (Curtin, ATNF)
  1. ACTION: Networks and e-VLBI Demos
    • Overseas telescopes in eVLBI? (Tasso)
      • Indian connectivity?
      • Regular Asia eVLBI tests?
    • NEXPReS BoD (Tasso, AARNet)
  1. ACTION: e-VLBI developments
    • Promote eVLBI better (All)
    • eVLBI scheduling (cf EVN of ~10sessions/year) (ATNF)
    • Advertise better e-VLBI capabilities with DiFX 2.0 (Tasso)
    • Utilise more e-VLBI test-time (ATNF)
    • Finalise VTP standard (Chris)
    • Investigate Tid e-VLBI connectivity (Tasso)
  1. ACTION: DAS and Recorders/Disks
    • Monitor developments of DBBCs, DBEs etc (All)
      • Procure new DAS?
    • Investigate Tsys logging in DBBC
      • Collaboration with Gino and Bonn?
    • Monitor recorder/Disk developments (all)
      • Replacement of LBA recorders/Disks?
  1. ACTION: Next Ops meeting venue. UTas? (Tasso)
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