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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Perth, 11-12 Feb 2014 —————————————————————————————— ACTIONS list The ordering of this action list roughly follows the agenda of the meeting. Some actions were carried forward and modified from the previous meeting(s). A consolidated and integrated list is given here. - ACTION: Proposals and scheduling * Monitor available LBA time and over-subscription (Phil) - CONTinuing * Increase LBA time? (Phil) - CONT * Encourage more ToOs qnd NAPAs(ATNF) - CONT * Insert sentence re ToO and NAPA in call for proposals (Phil) * More sessions of fewer days (e.g methanol cadence)? Produce early schedules and information. (Phil) - CONT * Sessions spread out in time. Eases observing and correlation (ATNF) * Offer Mk5 subnet recording alternative with higher-BW in call for proposals (ATNF) - CONT * Offer GRB transient monitoring on LBA subnet i.e. Ho, Ww, Ak, Mp ? (LBA) * Arrange EVN + LBA sessions. - ACTION: SCHED issues * Keep PIs informed on SCHED developments (Cormac,Phil) - CONT * Cal flags in SCHED? Update sources.dat file with calibrator flags (Cormac,Chris) - CONT * fringe-finders; phase reference sources; calibrators on long baselines; new calibrators via eVLBI * ATCA developments for flag support (Jamie, Chris) * VEX2 implementation for flags (Cormac, Chris) * Flags in pipeline processing (Chris, Cormac) * Support in SCHED for new DAS - CONT * Xcube in SCHED (Chris) * Ensure consistent IF wiring for LBA obs by UTas and WW (UTas and AUT) * Check catalogues in SCHED and let Cormac know of issues (All) * Check on Mk5B format for LBA (Cormac) * VDIF code in SCHED (Chris, Cormac) * JPL format support (Cormac) * SCHED support after Craif Walker's retirement? (LBA, JIVE, KVN, CVN) - ACTION: Wiki/Web * Continuing Wiki reorganisation/maintenance for accessibility (Chris,Cormac) - CONT * Automate creation of Tsys and flagging files on Wiki (Cormac,Chris) * Link Ho, Cd and Ww cal files to wiki (Cormac) * Development of Ww noise cal systems and logs (NZ, LBA) * Calibration data instructions on Wiki (Hayley) - CONT * Wiki “web-service”? * LBA monitor interface (Chris, Jamie, Cormac) * “chat” channel for important messages during observing? * “Google calendar” alarms? - ACTION: Observing and monitoring * Ww Tsys monitoring (NZ) * Better LBA monitoring * Monica alarm functionality coordination at observatories (LBA) * Firewall issues with NZ (AUT, Chris) * Utilise all available time at Tid (Shinji, ATNF) - CONT * Get Parkes calibration data (Tasso, JER, Ettore) - CONT * Get Tsys data on ATCA (Chris, Tasso) - CONT * Tsys from ATCA data via Miriad? (ATNF) * Mopra Tsys processing (Tasso, Jamie) * ATCA Array phasing issues (Chris, Jamie, Tasso) -CONT * Ensure ABphase set when autophase on (Chris) * Show ABphase on Wiki (Chris) * Update notes on CABB gain equalisation via sampler stats (Jamie S) * Monitor H-maser rate at ASKAP (ATNF) - CONT * Move Cd to dBBC and Mk5c (UTas) * Determine Frequency to Channel mapping at Tid (Shinji) * Xcube in real-time fringe checker (Chris) - ACTION: Continue wiki contest for best logs (LBA) * Winners for 2013: 1st - Tid; 2nd - UTas; 3rd - ATNF - ACTION: eVLBI pointing for Ww (Chris, Cormac, Jamie M, NZ) - CONT - ACTION: Data storage and transfers * Review data transfer options - CONT * Spare Mk5 to Geraldton for Ye data transfers? (AuScope, ATNF) * rsync to PBStore and check transfers. * Investigate 10 Gbps links at UTas. (UTas) * Investigate feasibility of centralised data transfer (LBA) * Setup Radioastron data transfers via PBStore (Chris) * Thank J. Quick for excellent Hart data transfers. 9LBA) - ACTION: Correlators * Advance warning (in proposal) to correlator of technical requirements of observations (PIs) - CONT * Feedback from PIs. Add to PI letter from correlator(Correlator, PIs) * Pipeline imaging (Cormac, Chris) * Reduction pipeline on Cave for e-VLBI (Chris, Cormac) - CONT * make pipeline available to PIs? Inform in correlator letter. - CONT * Pipeline reduction for cals only - CONT * Cal flux-vs-time and compare with ATCA. * 1921-293 flux vs ATCA. * 1934-638 cal data from ATCA. * Telescopes check back in pipeline archive for issues (All telescopes) * Document Tsys labelling after correlation for “mixed-mode” observations. * Copy LBA data archive to ATNF (Curtin, ATNF) - CONT * Integrate with S2 archive (ATNF) * Write software to read RPFITS. * Get enough disk storage at ATNF (ATNF) * LBA archive online via ATOA? (Tasso) - CONT * Investigate RPFITS and IDIFITS issues in ATOA (ATNF) * IDIFITS reader (Jamie) * Metadata transfer and storage? (ATNF) * CAL notes on Wiki and inform PIs (LBA) - CONT * Aim for ANTAB data at correlator (Curtin, ATNF) * Issues of Tsys quality from stations. * DiFX on Pawsey computers (Cormac) * explore other supercomputer options * Investigate eVLBI modes. * Linear to circular conversion in DiFX after FFT. Check on ATCA. (Chris) - ACTION: Networks and e-VLBI Demos - CONT * Invite IVEC to networking meetings (ATNF) * UTas firewall issues (UTas) * Overseas telescopes in eVLBI? (Tasso) * Indian connectivity? Letter to GMRT re VLBI timing issues (Tasso) * Regular Asia eVLBI tests? * Malaysia connectivity? (ATNF) * Demos * ASKAP-KAT7 in eVLBI? - * 10 GBps correlation (Chris, Cormac) - CONT * Investigate Pawsey and other SPCs in Oz. * Telecon within ~6 weeks (Ben, Cormac, Chris) * Brazil eVLBI demo? (Tasso) * Brazil-SouthAfrica-Oz-Ww-Argentina? - ACTION: e-VLBI developments - CONT ** * Promote eVLBI better (All) * eVLBI scheduling (cf EVN of ~10sessions/year) (ATNF) * Utilise more e-VLBI test-time (ATNF) * Investigate Tid e-VLBI connectivity (Tasso) - ACTION: VLBI/eVLBI technical developments * Monitor developments of DBBCs, DBEs etc (All) * new DAS? * Xcube commissioning * Progress in CABB wide-band system (ATNF) * Monitor recorder/Disk developments (all) * Replacement of LBA recorders/Disks? * Cal scheme for linear-circular polarisation conversion (Chris, Cormac) - ACTION: VLBI Science meeting in Darwin/Katherine. Mid-2014? (Tasso, Jim) - ACTION: Next Ops meeting venue at Tidbinbilla (Shinji)) - ACTION: Update news page on CSIRO website.

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