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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Perth, 17-18 Feb 2015


PI support

  • Clarify Tid time requests (Phil)
  • Advertise ATCA split frequency (Phil)
  • Ramesh/James MJ/Maini to Sydney for observing training (Chris)

Observing Issues

  • Sched support longterm (Chris)
    • vex2
  • Tid single pol RA recording catalogs (CHris/Shinji)
  • Tid DASPro entries (Chris)
  • DASPRo 64 MHz flipping (Chris)
  • Mopra Rx downconversion (Chris)
  • pkvsi1 name (Chris)
  • AK07 error estimation (JER)
  • AK07 position (Leonid?) [Emailed 19-Feb]
  • Remind RA wiki logs files (Chris)
  • Tid monitoring (Phil Pope/JamieS)
  • DVP test (Chris/Shinji)
  • TANAMI (v252ar) data (Chris) [Supplied to correlator 10/3/2015]
  • Parkes Maser monitoring (Correlator)
  • IM&T storage IP location (Chris)
  • DIFX release (Chris)
  • Resync archive ongoing (Chris/Cormac)
  • RtFC
    • Mark5 RtFC doco (Chris)
    • Sub second DIFX (Chris)
    • timeout fixes (Chris)
    • recdir on flexbuf (Jamie^2)
    • m5slice non second boundaries (Chris) [Fixed 12/3/15]
  • LBA polarisation - update or advertise memos (Chris)
  • Automatic e-checklist (JamieS)
  • EVN tutorial comparison for LBA (Cormac→Chris)
  • Tsys data (Chris)
  • Tid data link - case together for funding. (Ed/Tasso) within 2month 2nd week April.
  • Discuss with (JohnM) IM&T resources (Chris)
  • Continue 1921-293/1934-638 ATCA calibration
  • RadioAstron ATCA flux density observation (Chris)
  • Radio astron catalog files (Chris/Cormac) [Emailed Kirill 19/2/2015]
  • Investigate electronic transfer for Tid RA data (Chris/Shinji)
  • Improved collaboration with Asia (Shinji/Chris/Phil)

2014 incomplete actions

  1. ACTION: Proposals and scheduling
    • Offer Mk5 subnet recording alternative with higher-BW in call for proposals (ATNF) - CONT
  1. ACTION: SCHED issues
    • Support in SCHED for new DAS - CONT
      • Xcube in SCHED (Chris)
      • Check on Mk5B format for LBA (Cormac)
      • VDIF code in SCHED (Chris, Cormac)
      • JPL format support (Cormac)
  1. ACTION: Wiki/Web
    • Development of Ww noise cal systems and logs (NZ, LBA)
  1. ACTION: Observing and monitoring
    • Monica alarm functionality coordination at observatories (LBA)
    • Firewall issues with NZ (AUT, Chris)
    • Ensure ATCA ABphase set when autophase on (Chris)
    • Update notes on CABB gain equalisation via sampler stats (Jamie S)
    • Monitor H-maser rate at ASKAP (ATNF) - CONT
    • Xcube in real-time fringe checker (Chris)
  1. ACTION: Correlators
    • Pipeline imaging (Cormac, Chris)
      • Reduction pipeline on Cave for e-VLBI (Chris, Cormac) - CONT
      • make pipeline available to PIs? Inform in correlator letter. - CONT
      • Pipeline reduction for cals only - CONT
        • Cal flux-vs-time and compare with ATCA.
        • 1921-293 flux vs ATCA.
        • 1934-638 cal data from ATCA.
      • Telescopes check back in pipeline archive for issues (All telescopes)
  • Document Tsys labelling after correlation for “mixed-mode” observations (Chris)
  • LBA archive online via ATOA? (Tasso) - CONT
    • Investigate RPFITS and IDIFITS issues in ATOA (ATNF)
    • Metadata transfer and storage? (ATNF)
  • Aim for ANTAB data at correlator (Curtin, ATNF)
    • Issues of Tsys quality from stations.
  • Investigate eVLBI modes in Pawsey
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