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VLBI/eVLBI operations and technical meeting, Hobart, 15-16 Feb 2016


  • Investigate moving Hobart/Ceduna fully to DBBC (JamieMc)
    • Aim March 2017
  • Encourage PIs/Co-Is to come for longer periods (Chris/Phil)
    • to support other projects in the same block
  • Find mechanisms to encourage PI observing
    • we have had some success
    • Phil says to schedule further in advance
    • Cormac recommends a direct, strongly worded email
    • Simon suggests the “withdrawal of future observing time” stick, but we need to say it to all projects, and not have special cases
  • Sort Tid support issues (Phil)
    • not being much of an issue, although no host country time support is guaranteed
  • Tid VNC setup (Chris/Shinj) [done 17/2] (it has come back again)
  • Tidvsi disk storage (Chris/Shinji) (done)
  • Check if DBBC can be plugged directly into CA06 (Chris) [done 17/2]
  • Check if Mopra narrow band filters can be bypassed (Chris) [done 17/2, unknown outcome]
  • Investigate ARC/Lief wideband proposal (Simon)
    • Simon has investigated, the proposal has not happened
    • have to start talking about it November
  • Clarify standard modes for PIs and document. Review call for proposals(Chris)
    • not done yet
    • unclear whether this needs to be done, with most observers using canned setups
  • Auscope added to lba_monitor (JamieS/Jim)
    • not done yet
  • Add Mark5s to recmon (Chris)
    • not done yet
  • Trial Aspera (Chris) [email sent out 16/2]
    • not continuing for many reasons, including that normal data moving is “no effort”

Outstanding 2015 action items

  • Sched support longterm (Chris)
    • vex2
  • Tid DASPro entries (Chris)
    • not done yet
  • DASPRo 64 MHz flipping (Chris)
    • not done yet
  • AK07 position (Leonid?) [Emailed 19-Feb]
    • cannot happen
  • RtFC
    • Sub second DIFX (Chris) [Done 29/2/16]
    • timeout fixes (Chris) [Done 29/2/16]
    • recdir on flexbuf (Jamie^2)
  • LBA polarisation - update or advertise memos (Chris)
  • Automatic e-checklist (JamieS)
  • EVN tutorial comparison for LBA (Cormac→Chris)
    • EVN analysis guide actually, but not done yet
  • Tsys data (Chris)
    • continued
  • Continue 1921-293/1934-638 ATCA calibration
    • not being done, still desirable, possibly use ATCA calibrator database as a first reference
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