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  • ATCA RA mode change - channel flipping (Chris)
  • ATCA Pcal when off source (JamieS)
  • Hart VLBI observing agreement (Chris/Lisa)
  • Participation thank you note for Hart (Chris)
  • Mopra LS single IF (Chris)
  • VDIF supported modes, Hart (Chris)
  • Monitor Maser via MoniCA (Jamie^2)
  • Ceduna Mark5c disk2file problems (JamieM) [TooHard]
  • Ceduna and Hobart DBBC usage from 2nd March session (JamieMc) [Done]
  • Ceduna GPS baseband data (JamieMc/Chris) [emailed 15/2/17]
  • 30m fringe test experiments (AUT) [Done]
  • Tid VNC start (Chris/Shinji) [Done 15/2/17]
  • Modify onsource for windstows (Chris)
  • UWB impact on VLBI (Phil) [Done 15/2/17 - No major impact]
  • Solve Polarisation Linear problem (Dodson) [On going]
  • ATLOD in AIPS problems reading (Cormac) [Done 2017-03-23 - works in 31DEC2016 and later]
  • EAVN observing with LBA (Chris)
  • Change to Mark5B always for LBADR? [Not for now]
  • Fix recorder deadman switch (Chris) [Done 15/2/17]
  • Tid cdisko (Shinji/Chris) [Done 15/2/17]
  • Update novices guide (Chris)
  • ATCA Tsys (JamieS)
  • Encourage PIs to use 1921-293 fluxes from ATCA database
  • Document ATCA clock jump times (JamieS/Cormac) [Emailed to Jamie on 2017-02-15]
  • Firewall changes on cass-01-per (Chris) [Emailed 15/2/17]
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