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  • Feedback requested from users for bad PCAL (results in poor polarization purity)
  • Ceduna position update. Possibly apply to WARK30M (Lucas)
  • Warkworth Tsys plans? (Chris, Tim/Stuart)
  • Should Warkworth be scheduled as VDIF always? (Chris)
  • Send Jamie Mc and Lucas the sched catalogues for updating (Cormac)
  • Add advice to scheduling guide on observing an amplitude calibrator source regularly. (Cormac)
  • Produce a data reduction guide (adapt from EVN?). (Cormac)
  • Add AuScope and Warkworth to EVN calculator. (Chris)
  • Wiki reorganisation (Chris/All)
  • Update SCHED ftpscan disk2file rate to 600 Mbps (Cormac)

Carried over from 2018 meeting

  • Check data rates on Call for Proposals (CP)
  • Check Calc9 → calc11 astrometry difference (SE). [continuing]
  • Test longer fringe test dump times and explore more frequent dumps.
    • Run fringe test for Ceduna at Ceduna?
    • Use 0723-008 at K-band.
    • Clean up Mark5 directories [change to use a permanent file cache for file times]
  • Warkworth to provide pointing direction to lba_monitor in J2000 (TN, JS, Jamie McCallum) [continuing]
  • Vex2 requirement for UTAS broadband [continuing - will be needed]

Busy Day

  • UTAS monitoring data (Jamie^2)
  • Correlator demo (Cormac)
  • RTFC Filetimes cache (Chris)
  • Ceduna Monitoring page update (Jamie)
  • debug Bruce (Jamie/Lucas)
  • SCHED catalogue update (Lucas/Cormac)
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