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LBA Ops Meeting 2021 - Minutes

Chris - CSIRO Update

Pawsey upgrade - should be a straightforward change, with greatly increased throughput. Some concerns about possible access changes imposed by cybersecurity - won't be clear until new system is in place.

Jamie Stevens - ATCA Update

Chris: for $6000 got 60 TB of NAS disk space. Throughput not great, but large capacity and reliable.

Auto_pcal during setup should not be done during setup or at the very start of a schedule.

Consider doing Mopra fringe checks a week ahead of sessions to ensure all is in working order.

Chris - BIGCAT updates

Potential for using CA06 for VLBI whenever it is not required for ATCA (e.g. when it's doing mm work, or compact configuration). Perhaps participate in IVS or AuScope work.

Chris - Parkes

Difficult to get S/X, Meth and C-band receivers installed for OHS reasons.

Installation of CryoPAF will impact Parkes availability.

MEDUSA works well, but is not production ready (requires simplified/automated configuration).

UWH is probably 3 years away, even if it gets funded this term.

Chris - ASKAP

Essentially no current availability for VLBI (except limited very narrowband (7 MHz) single antenna system)

Tied array still planned, but nothing concrete, and low priority.

Gabor - UTAS 'scopes

Ceduna likely to get fibre link this year.

Stuart Weston - Warkworth

100 Gbps internal network. 10 Gbps interface to outside world. More than sufficient currently.

Receiver changes now problematic - requires external contractor.

Guifre - Spacecraft Activities

Potential for including Mopra

Jon Quick via Chris - Hart

Bearing failure imminent on 26m.

Continuous now working at L band.

13m VGOS telescope being commissioned.

Upgraded flexbuffs.

Shinji - Tidbinbilla

DVP to be replaced by VRA in 2022

Oleg Titov - Geoscience Australia

Interest in new project to follow up sources with large position errors.

George Heald - LAMBDA

Requested input to science case.

Jamie Stevens - Operational Expectations

Fringe checks need better focus - telescopes should be set up in advance. Fringe checks are for testing, not for setup.

Pre-session (i.e. ~week in advance) Fringe Checks will help diagnose equipment failures, but telescopes will revert to other work in the meantime so they don't help with setup issues.

Drudg'ing the experiments in advance will help.

Checks with local telescopes (e.g. autocorrs, sampler stats) may be more efficient pre-tests than RTFC.

Action Items

  • Sort out UTAS mailing list. (Chris/Lucas)
  • Move to using VDIF in SCHED for most telescopes. (Cormac)
  • Update the Scheduling advice to not use AUTOPHASE in first scan of experiment. (Cormac)
  • Provide times of ATCA clock jumps to Jamie. (Cormac)
  • Explore spacecraft tracking demo with Mopra. (Chris/Guifre)
  • Implement real-time fringe checking for DVP at Tidbinbilla (Chris/Shinji)
  • Change drive limits for Parkes in SCHED to avoid observing close to zenith. (Cormac/Chris)
  • Split multiple datastreams, e.g @ Katherine, into separate directories before transfer to correlator (UTAS)
  • Make UTAS/Warkworth monitoring data available to lbamon (Jamie S., Guifre)
  • Figure out why lbamon is not able to access the Warkworth monica information (Jamie S., Stuart) DONE 2021-06-24
  • Update the LBA webpages (ALL)
  • Send info to JIVE for Sensitivity calculator (Chris)
  • Frequency catalogue update for UTAS (Gabor)
  • Test electronic transfer from Tid (Shinji/Chris)
  • Consider replacing Tidvsi (Shinji/Chris)
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