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To obtain Tsys for ATCA in the CABB era, the Tsys values from individual antennas is needed and the effective array Tsys then separately calculated.

To get the Tsys values from MoniCA:

  • Select “ATCA”
  • Select “Setup→Add Panel→History Table”
  • Select the following options:
    • Archival Mode
    • New row generated when ANY monitor point updates
    • Suppress milliseconds
    • Chronological order
  • Make sure the following are not selected:
    • Hide repeated rows
    • Hide incomplete rows
    • Suppress date in timestamps
  • Double click “CABB→correlator→Tsys_Jy-1A→ca0N” where N is one of the antennas used for your observation
  • Repeat this selection for all tied antenna and for Tsys_Jy-1B, 2A & 2B
  • Set the Data Time Span to the length of the experiment
  • Set the Start time of the experiment IN LOCALTIME (not UTC)
  • Select “OK”
  • Wait
  • Select “Export→ASCII Data”
  • Give a file nae and click “Save”
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