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cDisko 4.0c User Manual

cDisko is a control and monitoring client for the LBA recorder_server. The latest version 4 of this code is a complete rewrite to eliminate many of the bugs of the old cDisko, and to better support some new features of recorder_server.

The look of cDisko has changed a great deal. When running cDisko 4 you will see two windows appear, both of which are shown below.“The main cDisko 4 window”“The cDisko 4 default settings window”

The window with the title “cDisko 4.0c” is the main window, and is used to start and stop recordings, manage the available settings, shows the available disks and has a log window to show the results of cDisko and recorder_server actions. The “Default Settings” window is used to set the parameters for a normal recording. If for any reason the “Default Settings” window gets closed, hit the “Default” button in the “Available Settings” frame in the main window to make it reappear.

This manual will now give a few examples of common LBA recording tasks to illustrate how to use cDisko.

A normal local recording

  • Set the parameters for the recording in the “Default Settings” window.
  • Put the name of the experiment in the text box next to the “Experiment Name” label.
  • Set the recording time by specifying the number of hours and minutes in the two text boxes next to the “Recording Time” label.
  • If the recording is to start at a specific time, fill in this time in the text boxes next to the “Start Time” label and press the “Disabled” button once - it should read “Enabled” after this. You may use the “Now + 1m” button to make cDisko fill these fields in with the time one minute from now.
  • Select the bandwidth per channel using the dropdown box next to the “Bandwidth (MHz)” label.
  • Select which channels to record using the dropdown box next to the “Channels” label. If you require a mode that requires the Huygens cable, press the “No Huygens Cable” button once - it should read “Huygens Cable” after this, and new channel modes will be available.
  • Choose the disk to record to from the dropdown box next to the “Disk Selection” label. You may choose a specific disk, or choose “any available disk” to let recorder_server choose the most appropriate disk at record time, or choose “any local disk” to limit the choice to a disk directly attached to the recorder. If the only available disks are directly attached, “any available disk” will function identically to “any local disk”.
  • Choose to enable or disable the rounded start functionality using the dropdown box next to the “Rounded Start?” label. If enabled, all files will start on a 10 second boundary, otherwise files may start at any arbitrary time.
  • Choose whether or not to record in Mark5B format by using the dropdown box next to the “Mark 5B Recording?” label.
  • Once you are happy with your new settings, press the “Submit” button to configure recorder_server. Any fields that were not configured by you (an empty text field or a non-selected dropdown box) will not be changed.
  • After you have submitted, wait up to 20 seconds to ensure that the values indicated in the “Server Value” column have been updated to reflect the settings you made. If a setting you tried to make has failed for some reason, there may be a red error message in the “Server Messages” frame in the main window describing what went wrong.
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