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The following is a list of bugs and desirable features needed for cdisko (and recorder server)



  • Major memory leak
    • JS: with new changes to cDisko (now v3.0c), unable so far to replicate memory leak
  • Current recording disk hilite should only happen when current recording host is selected (ie if remote host changed)
    • Also confuses capacity on “viewed” disks with actual disks and stops recording prematurely
    • JS: cDisko now has a “Recording Information” window that lists settings used for the current recording and also displays the disk currently being recorded to. Thus the disk hilite no longer exists. Capacity problems should now be gone, and also cDisko doesn't have any “low space, stop recording” functionality.
  • Must bring up dialog box if recording stopped due to disk usage etc
    • JS: cDisko has no control over stopping a recording due to low disk space
  • Too much is written to the cdisko (disk) log by default.
    • JS: now only the information shown on-screen is output to the cDisko disk log
  • The disk time calculation seems to still be a little out. It seems to underestimate the available time by a small amount. It'll be good to have it accurate.
    • JS: recorder_server was using imprecise calculations, and the wrong order for determining the available recording time. This has been corrected, and I now believe it to be accurate.
  • When recording has finished, recorder_server needs to change its working directory out of the recording directory.
    • JS: done

Net Features


  • List current observing location, specifically
    • Remote/local
    • Remote host
    • Remote recording disk
    • Recording remaining capacity (hours) - for both remote and local recording
    • JS: all disks are now shown in the main cDisko window, along with which recorder the disk is connected to; this should be much clearer than in the previous versions.
  • For eVLBI and remote recording have a list of predefined (from host based config file) remote hosts (plus port, TCP window etc). For the user this should just be a drop down menu. An “other” value should be possible when they can add a custom host using the existing “eVLBI” dialog box.
    • JS: The “eVLBI settings” window in cDisko now has a list of the predefined remote hosts as defined in the ~/.disko_config file. These hosts can be enabled or disabled (new recorder_server functionality exists here) and users can also specify new hosts to be included in the list.
  • Detect when recorder restarts and fill in “red” error message in scrolling log
    • JS: more information required for this, as I am unsure as to how to tell when the recorder restarts
  • In the scrolling log, reflect the vsib_record command that has been issued at start. This allows an independent check on what is happening. And can be copied as a line command if one needs to start vsib_record manually.
    • JS: done
  • In scheduled start, if start time is in past should start anyhow with an error message.
    • JS: done (recorder_server now generates errors but starts recording anyway)

Recorder Server

  • Allow host to receive multiple simultaneous remote recording streams
    • JS: this is now implemented in recorder_server, however it is not tested yet
  • Add support for “split host” eVLBI (not needed in cdisko)
  • Add support for new vsib_record v2 modes
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