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Cdisko Discussion Pages

The following is a list of bugs and desirable features needed for cdisko (and recorder server)



  • Major memory leak
  • Current recording disk hilite should only happen when current recording host is selected (ie if remote host changed)
    • Also confuses capacity on “viewed” disks with actual disks and stops recording prematurely
  • Must bring up dialog box if recording stopped due to disk usage etc
  • Too much is written to the cdisko (disk) log by default.
  • The disk time calculation seems to still be a little out. It seems to underestimate the available time by a small amount. It'll be good to have it accurate.
  • When recording has finished, recorder_server needs to change its working directory out of the recording directory.

Net Features


  • List current observing location, specifically
    • Remote/local
    • Remote host
    • Remote recording disk
    • Recording remaining capacity (hours) - for both remote and local recording
  • For eVLBI and remote recording have a list of predefined (from host based config file) remote hosts (plus port, TCP window etc). For the user this should just be a drop down menu. An “other” value should be possible when they can add a custom host using the existing “eVLBI” dialog box.
  • Detect when recorder restarts and fill in “red” error message in scrolling log
  • In the scrolling log, reflect the vsib_record command that has been issued at start. This allows an independent check on what is happening. And can be copied as a line command if one needs to start vsib_record manually.

Recorder Server

  • Allow host to receive multiple simultaneous remote recording streams
  • Add support for “split host” eVLBI (not needed in cdisko)
  • Add support for new vsib_record v2 modes
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