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Disk reformatting at Curtin

Curtin has some fairly specific instructions for disk formatting. The machines at Curtin run a different kernel to the VSI machines at the telescopes, and on CUPPA, 'fdisk -l' produces sensible results!
Also, Curtin has scripts to refresh the device detection of the xraids, without potentially damaging the internal RAIDs, but which will pick up if disks have been inserted with more or less slices, or of different total sizes.

XRAIDs are attached to cuppa nodes 01 through 05, but xraid control has to be run from cuppa02 as it's the only machine with all requisite libraries installed. Partitioning and formatting however is done on each node, rather than NFS mounting the disks.

For instructions regarding disk slicing, unslicing, partitioning and formatting, see here.

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