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Copying Mark5 data

For a local copy to pam-store

  • Run /opt/jive5ab on pkmk5b-ext (as oper)
  • Run jive5ab on pam-store-ext (as vlbi)
  • On pam-store-ext run m5copy 'mk5://pkmk5b-ext/A/*' file://pam-store-ext/data/mark5/v493c/

For a direct transfer to cass-01-per

On pkmk5b as oper:

EndDIM       # (Kill existing DIMino)

On pam-store-ext as vlbi to see what data is on each bank: -a pkmk5b-ext -b A -a pkmk5b-ext -b B

On cass-01-per (or whatever destination machine) as yourself:

/opt/jive5ab -p 40050

On pam-store-ext as vlbi:

m5copy -udt -p 40051 'mk5://pkmk5b-ext/A/v566a*' file://

Recovering blank User Directory

< #LD_SDK = -lssapi  /usr/local/src/streamstor/linux/driver/lib/
< LD_SDK = -lssapi  /usr/local/src/streamstor/linux/driver/lib/
> LD_SDK = -lssapi  /usr/local/src/streamstor/linux/driver/lib/
  • Parse fs log to create text dirlist ./fuseMk5A/ v493cpa.log v493c.scans. If 2 diskpacks, edit appropriately
  • Create a binary version of the userdir ./fuseMk5A/ v493c.scans v493c.dir
  • Write the userdir to the diskpack in bank A ./fuseMk5A/writeuserdir v493c.dir

JIVE5ab File2File copying

cira10 to cass01-per

  • On cira10 run jive5ab
  • On cass-01-per run jive5ab -p 50033
  • On cira10 run m5copy -p 40034 'file:///data/vt02ad/*' file://

However TCP so very slow - 29 Mbps. UDT won't work as firewall not setup

Copying data to Shanghai

  • Data directory /data1/geo/raw/aua011/pa (for example)
  • IP
  • Usual pcfs username
  • VLBI public key
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