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Current Issues


  • None


  • Problem with Hybrid mode: We think the CABB “hybrid” mode is broken for “Offset” frequencies. This includes 1400 MHz, 1600 MHz and 4800 MHz.
  • Offset Frequencies: For “offset” frequencies (e.g. 1400, 1600 and 4800 MHz), due to a design feature in CABB, you cannot get continuous Tsys AND “on-the-fly” phase cal (AUTOPHASE_DETERMINE scans). By default we will setup array to give you Tsys - please do not use AUTOPHASE_DETERMINE for these scans. If you feel you need regular rephasing, let the observers know and we will disable continuous Tsys mode.


  • L band single IF: The Mopra L/S receiver only has a single IF available. There will never be any power into DAS2 (nor can it generate useable data!)


  • Wideband Receiver: Katherine now has a 2-14 GHz receiver, with DBBC3 backend


  • No VLBI: AKSAP VLBI is no longer possible
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