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Current Issues


  • Use Pkvsi2: Pkvsi2 is wired up as the “main” recorder. All 16 Mhz bandwidht modes need to be recorded from pkvsi2


  • Problem with Hybrid mode: We think the CABB “hybrid” mode is broken for “Offset” frequncies. This includes 1400 MHz, 1600 MHz and 4800 MHz.


  • mpvsi1 dead: mpvsi1 is not working. All recording needs to happen on mpvsi2. 1 Gbps (2×64 MHz) is not possible
  • L band single IF: The Mopra L/S reciever only has a single IF available. There will never be any power into DAS2 (nor can it generate useable data!)


  • Maser has died: the ASKAP Maser is not working. No VLBI is possible on ASKAP until this is fixed
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