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ATNF Data Set driver and DAS GUI Installation

This is now out-dated. A pure serial port of the DAS GUI is now used (not special dataset driver

Dataset driver

> make

  • As root

> cp ds.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/misc

> depmod -a
> cp ds /etc/init.d
> update-rc.d ds defaults
> /etc/init.d/ds
*  If the module fails to load, try rebooting
*  This assumed ioport and irq for serial port is different from standard need to be specified to kernel module


 > make
 > cp das ~/bin
 > mkdir -p /home/vlbi/das/profiles
 > mkdir /home/vlbi/das/das1
 > mkdir /home/vlbi/das/das2
 > cp das_site_config.txt das_filter_config.txt /home/vlbi/das/das1
 > cp das_site_config.txt das_filter_config.txt /home/vlbi/das/das2
  • Copy profiles from existing machine to /home/vlbi/das/profiles
  • In .cshrc set
  setenv DAS_PROFILES_PATH /home/vlbi/das/profiles
  setenv DAS1_FILES_PATH /home/vlbi/das/das1
  setenv DAS2_FILES_PATH /home/vlbi/das/das2
  • Run DAS gui as
 > das -N 1
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