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-=====  DASPro and Recorder Monitor Databases ===== 
-The Das profile generator and recmon configuration pages are MySQL databases. Entries in the databases can be updated remotely using the web interface to phpmyadmin. 
-  *  Log in at http://​​phpmyadmin/​ 
-  *  Find the configuration you wish to update. The database entries are fairly self-explanatory for anyone familiar with the systems. The list of databases is in the top right of the home screen. '​dasprofile'​ and '​recmon'​ are the two of interest here. 
-  *  After choosing the appropriate database, you can select any of the subtables from the menu on the top left. 
-  *  Click on the '​Browse'​ tab to see the individual table entries and allowed fields. 
-  *  Click on the '​SQL'​ tab to enter an SQL command, e.g. 
-    *  SELECT * FROM `dasprofiles` WHERE tid=4 
-Would show the dasprofile table entries for tid=4 (i.e. telescope id=4=Hobart). 
-  *  To update an existing table entry, simply click on the edit button for that entry (e.g. from the Browse tab) 
-  *  To add a new entry, click on the '​Insert'​ tab and enter the necessary fields. This will then insert the new entries (and print the corresponding SQL command, in case you want to use it again in a batch mode). 
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