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Calendar of Black-listed times

Note maximum transfer speeds:
Hobart MUST be below 100Mbps.
Parkes needs plenty of bandwidth spare for pulsar data. See Calendar below.
ATCA+Mp+Parkes must be <512Mbps.

See also individual telescope schedules:
Hobart December 2010 schedule
Parkes Oct10-Mar11 schedule
ATCA 3rd - 16th Jan
Mopra 3rd - 16th January

(:includeurl Pmcal.Pmcal height=600px :)

Data Transfer to Pbstore

Can check these against the full transfers summary page.

Experiment Disk Location Status Received
Hobart (hovsi)
vt11z eVLBI only
vc133 ATNF V016B xraid/Ar_1 Done Ok
v434a ATNF V016B xraid/Ar_1 Done Ok
v293b ATNF V016B xraid/Ar_1 Done Ok
vc134 xraid/Ar_1 Done (not needed)
v252v ATNF V012B xraid/Ar_1 Done Ok
vc135 Missing? not needed
v434b CURT V003B xraid/Al_1 Done Ok
vc136 xraid/Bl_1 Done Ok
v308b xraid/Bl_1 Done Ok
vt13c xraid/Al_1 Done Ok
vt16a ⇒ cave-store xraid/Bl_1 Done
vc137 xraid/Bl_1 Done Ok
v434c xraid/Bl_1 Done Ok
vt11z eVLBI only
vc133 ATNF V001B pkvsi1:xraid1 Done Ok
v434a ATNF V010B pkvsi1:xraid0/1 Done Ok
v293b ATNF V001B pkvsi1:xraid1 Done Ok
vc134 pkvsi1:internal Done (not needed)
v252v ATNF V010B pkvsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
v434b ATNF V001B pkvsi1:xraid1 Done Ok
vc136 pkvsi1:internal Done Ok
v308b pkvsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
vt13c N/A
vt16a Don't Transfer
vc137 pkvsi1:xraid1 Done Ok
v434c pkvsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
vt11z eVLBI only
vc133 CURT V002A cavsi2:/xraid0/FringeCheck/vc133* Done Ok
v434a CURT V002A cavsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
v293b ATNF V002A cavsi2:xraid1 Done Ok
vc134 cavsi2:Fringe Done (not needed)
v252v cavsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
vc135 cavsi2:xraid1 Done (not needed)
v434b cave-store:data3 Done Ok
vc136 cavsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
v308b cavsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
vt13c cavsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
vt16a Don't Transfer
vc137 cavsi1:/xraid0/FringeCheck/vc137* Done Ok
v434c cavsi1:xraid1 Done Ok
vt11z eVLBI only
vc133 UTAS V001B mpvsi2:xraid1/FringeCheck Done Ok
v434a ATNF V004B mpvsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
v293b UTAS V001B mpvsi2:xraid1 Done Ok
vc134 mpvsi2:removable Done (not needed)
v252v mpvsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
vc135 mpvsi2:xraid0/Fr Done (not needed)
v434b mpvsi2:xraid1, mpvsi1:xraid0 Done Ok
vc136 mpvsi2:removable Done Ok
v308b cave-store:data2 Done Ok
vt13c mpvsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
vt16a Don't Transfer
vc137 mpvsi2:xraid1/FringeCheck Done Ok
v434c mpvsi2:xraid0 Done Ok
v252v ATNF-V011/B1-B7 Done Ok
v434b ATNF-V011/B1-B7 Done Ok
vt11z eVLBI only
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