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XRAID and removable disks sorted by Observatory

This page shows only xraid and removable disks currently in the vlbi pool, and should be updated regularly during VLBI observing.

Note added 23-June-2011: With recorder monitoring in place (and mostly electronic data transfers), the purpose of this page is mainly to keep track of the location of disks.

Disk ID Former ID Size (GBx7) Current Location Status Station(s) Experiment(s) Damaged disk Mounted in Session Date updated
ATNF V001 A1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V002 A1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V004 A1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V005 A1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V006 B1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V007 B1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V008 A1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V009 B1-7 500 ATCA
ATNF V004 B1-7 500 ATCA
UTAS V001 B1-7 500 ATCA Damaged disk#1 → ATNF Spare#2, Spare#2 damaged → ATNF Spare #4 11-Mar-2010
VP006 400×4 ATCA ? cavsi2
VP007 400×4 ATCA ? cavsi1
CURT V001 A1-7 500 Mopra
CURT V002 A1-7 500 Mopra
ATNF V002 B1-7 500 Mopra
ATNF V015 A1-7 500 Mopra
CURT V006 B1-7 500 Ceduna Jul 2013
ATNF V007 A1-7 500 Ceduna Jul 2013
CURT V005 B1-7 500 Ceduna Jul 2013
ATNF V008 B1-7 500 Ceduna Jul 2013
CDSP Ceduna spares 250 Ceduna Ceduna 29/11/10
CURT V007 A1-7 500 Hobart Apr-2012
ATNF V010 A1-7 500 Hobart Apr-2012
ATNF V009 A1-7 500 #6 plastic connector cover partially broken
ATNF V012 B1-7 500 Hobart Hobart
ATNF V016 B1-7 500 Hobart Hobart
CURT V001 B1-7 500 Hobart
CURT V003 B1-7 500
UTAS V001 A1-7 500 Hobart Disk #7 failed 4/1/10, to be replaced 4-Jan-2010
UTAS V002 A1-7 500 Hobart Warning on disk 3 in xraid admin log 23/11/09 09-Mar-2010
HO-spares Hobart spares x4 500 Hobart Pulsar use Hobart
ATNF V001 B1-7 500 Parkes Parkes
ATNF V010 B1-7 500 Parkes Parkes
ATNF V013 B1-7 500 Parkes
ATNF V014 A1-7 500 Parkes
ATNF V014 B1-7 500 Parkes Parkes
ATNF V017 A1-7 500 Parkes Parkes
CURT V002 B1-7 500 Parkes
VP003 400×4 Parkes Online Parkes pkvsi2
VP004 400×4 Parkes Online Parkes pkvsi1
ATNF V011 A1-7 500 Tidbinbilla Tid
ATNF V011 B1-7 500 Tidbinbilla Tid
ATNF-E001 1 TB Tid Tid
ATNF-E002 1 TB Tid Tid
ATNF-E003 1 TB Tid Tid
ATNF V015 B1-7 500 Curtin Jul 2013
ATNF V013 A1-7 500 Curtin Jul 2013
ATNF V005 B1-7 500 Curtin Jul 2013
CURT V006 A1-7 500 Curtin problems - not used (Cd March) Mar 2013
CURT V004 A1-7 500 Curtin Jul 2013
ATNF V012 A1-7 500 Curtin possible error Mar 2013
CURT V004 B1-7 500 Curtin May 2013
ATNF V016 A1-7 500 Curtin Mar 2013
CURT V003 A1-7 500 Curtin Mar 2013
ATNF V006 A1-7 500 Curtin Jul 2013
CURT V005 A1-7 500 Curtin May 2013
CURT V007 B1-7 500 Curtin Disk #7 orange light 1/1/10 cdvsi:Al_1 Oct'10 25-Oct-2010
CURT V008 A1-7 750 Curtin Orange lights when loaded. Is the set with failed disk (JMac rebuilt with 6)? Jul 2013
CURT V008 B1-7 750 Curtin or this one from Ceduna? Jul 2013
CURT V009 A1-7 750 Curtin 30-Nov-2010
CURT V009 B1-7 750 Curtin PBStore data cuppa02 L 30-Nov-2010
CURT V010 A1-7 750 Curtin
CURT V010 B1-7 750 Curtin PBstore data
CURT V011 A1-7 750 Curtin Dead FS 11/08, recovered cuppa04 R 30-Nov-2010
CURT V011 B1-7 750 Curtin PBstore data cuppa02 R 30-Nov-2010
CURT V012 A1-7 750 Curtin PBStore data cuppa03 R 30-Nov-2010
CURT V012 B1-7 750 Curtin PBStore data cuppa01 R 30-Nov-2010
SWIN V011 B1-7 400 Curtin
SWIN V013 A1-7 400
SWIN V013 B1-7 250 Disk#4 error 18/6/09 - no orange light
SWIN V017 B1-7 180 Curtin Do not erase backup gmrt, vx012a output 28-Apr-2009
ATNF-E005 1 TB Curtin Clean
ATNF-E006 1 TB Curtin Clean
ATNF-E007 1 TB Curtin To clean GMRT test 18-Feb-2010
ATNF V003 A1-7 500 ? ? ? ?
ATNF V003 B1-7 500 ? ? ? ?
SWIN S8-14 180 ATNF (online) Empty/DEAD? epvsi1 13-Feb-2009
ATNF-E004 1 TB Epping - Tasso Personal use (unlabelled) Disk & case repaired under warranty 09-Sept-2009

Form values


<Telescope> (online), <Telescope> offline, transit <from> → <to>


Empty, Formatting, to be correlated, to be cleaned, partially correlated, waiting for verification

Damaged disk

none, one or more of A1, A2, …, B1, B2.. B7

Date updated

date that the information for that table row was last updated

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