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Calendar of Black-listed times

Note maximum transfer speeds:
Hobart MUST be below 100Mbps.
Parkes needs plenty of bandwidth spare for pulsar data. See Calendar below.
ATCA+Mp+Parkes must be <512Mbps.

See also individual telescope schedules:
Hobart July '10 schedule
Parkes Apr10-Sep10 schedule
ATCA 19th July - 1st August
Mopra 19th July - 1st August

(:includeurl Pmcal.Pmcal height=600px :)

Data Transfer to Pbstore

Can check these against the full transfers summary page.

Experiment Disk Location Status Received
Hobart (hovsi)
v255j ATNF V009A arcs-df Done Ok
vc118 ATNF V009A arcs-df Done Ok
v389a ATNF V009A arcs-df Done Ok
v255k CURT V003B hovsi Done Ok
vc121 CURT V001B Done Ok
v252s CURT V001B Done Ok
vx016b CURT V003B Done Ok
vt13b ATNF V016B hovsi Done Ok
vt15h Internal IKAROS Done 360
vt15j Internal IKAROS Done 574
vt15a IKAROS Done 720
vt15b IKAROS Done 405
vt15c IKAROS Done 636
vt15d IKAROS Done 580
vt15e IKAROS Done 360
vt15f IKAROS Done 384
vt15l IKAROS Done 424
vt15n IKAROS Done 362
v255j ATNF V014B pkvsi1 Done 3518 - Ok
vc118 ATNF V014B pkvsi1 Done 67 - ok
v389a ATNF V014B pkvsi1 Done 4320 - Ok
v255k ATNF V001B pkvsi1 Done 3596 - Ok
vc121 ATNF V014B pkvsi1 Done 16 - Ok
v252s ANTF V010B, ATNF V014B pkvsi2 Done 8604 - Ok
v271f ATNF V013B, ATNF V014A +Mk5 pkvsi2 Done Ok
v255j CURT V001A cavsi1 Done Ok
vc118 Done 161 - ok
v389a CURT V001A cavsi1 Done Ok
v255k ATNF V002A cavsi1 Done Ok
vc121 Done Ok
v252s CAVE cave-store:/data3 Done Ok
v271f ATNF V008A, ATNF V007B cavsi2 Done Ok
vx016b cave-store:/data2 Done Ok
vt13b mpvsi2:/data/xraid1 Done Ok
v255j CAVE and ATNF V004B cave, mpvsi2 Done Ok
vc118 Done Ok
v389a CAVE cave, mpvsi2 Done 4252 Ok
v255k CAVE cave-store-ext:/data2 Done Ok
vc121 Done Ok
v252s ATNF V004B, UTAS V001B mpvsi2 ATNF V004B Done Ok
v271f CURT V002A, ATNF V002B mpvsi1/cavsi1 Done 8597 - ok
vx016b mpvsi1 Done Ok
vx016b mpvsi2 Done Ok
vt15a IKAROS mpvsi2 Done Ok
vt15j IKAROS cave-store-ext:/data1 Done Ok
vt15l IKAROS cave-store-ext:/data1 Done 360
vt15m IKAROS cave-store-ext:/data1 Done 424
vt15o IKAROS mpvsi2 Done Ok
v252s ATNF V011B USB transfer Done 4027
v271f ATNF V011B USB transfer Done 2166
vx016b USB transfer Done 993
vt15g IKAROS Done 327
vt15h IKAROS Done 360
vt15i IKAROS Done 132
vt15k IKAROS Done 420
vt15p IKAROS Done 720
vt15r IKAROS Done 720
vt15s IKAROS Done 360
vt15t IKAROS Done 1379
vt15u IKAROS Done 720
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