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Calendar of Black-listed times

Note maximum transfer speeds:
Hobart MUST be below 100Mbps.
Parkes needs plenty of bandwidth spare for pulsar data. See Calendar below.
ATCA+Mp+Parkes must be <512Mbps.
Tidbinbilla transferred from ARCS in Canberra as appropriate.

(:includeurl Pmcal.Pmcal height=600px :)

Data Transfer to Pbstore

Can check these against the full transfers summary page.

Experiment Disk Status
Hobart (hovsi)
v255f UTAS V001A Done
vc091 UTAS V001A Done
v316a UTAS V001A Done
v255g CURT V001A Done
vt013a CURT V003B Done
v252n CURT V003B Done
Parkes (pkvsi2)
v252n ATNF V014B Done
Parkes (pkvsi1)
v255f ATNF V017A Done
v316a ATNF V017A Done
v255g ATNF V010B Done
ATCA (cavsi1)
v255f ATNF V006B Done
v316a ATNF V006B Done
v255g ATNF V001A Done
vt013a ATNF V001A Done
v252n ATNF V005A Done
Mopra (cavsi2)
v252f ATNF V009B Done
v316a ATNF V009B Done
v255g ATNF V004A Done
vt013a ATNF V004A Done
v252n ATNF V007B Done
v252n SWIN V013A / ATNF E-00? (usb) Done
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