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Current State

The Parkes Pulsar backend DFB3 has a baseband mode, used with APSR. This instrument fulfills the basic requirements of a broadband VLBI backend.

  • 1 GHz or 256 MHz front end bandwidth
  • Divide by 16 filterbank (ie 64 MHz channels with 1 GHz front end)
  • Bits selectable from 1-8
  • UDP data transport with simple 24 byte timing header


To convert to system suitable for VLBI the following changes are needed

  • More filterbank options (divide by 32 and divide by 64 have filters already designed)
  • VDIF packet headers
  • Packet sizes to conform to VDIF requirements, specifically an integral number of packets/sec
  • (Optional) Linear→circular conversion
    • including calibration of x-y phase correction
  • Tsys monitoring

Potential extra work

  • Fringe rotation
  • Complex sampling
  • “Zoom modes”, ie full channelization
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