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Installing a set of 4 removable disks\

\ This assume the system has been configured to mount 4 disks at boot time. If it has previously been used with less than 4 removable disks see the section below.\ \

  1. Shut down the PC\
  2. Unlock and remove any removable disks\
  3. Insert new disks and lock them in. Mske sure you give then a solid push in\
  4. Boot the PC. If it hangs (“No operation system found”) then you may need to configure the BIOS. See the notes on this below\
  5. Log on as root, then:\

\ Re-create the software RAID set\ > mdadm –stop /dev/md0\ > mdadm -C /dev/md0 -n 4 -l 0 /dev/hd[egik]1\ Reformat the RAID disk\ > mke2fs -j -T largefile4 -m 0 /dev/md0\ Make sure the vlbi account can write to the diskset\ > mount /data/removable\ > chown vlbi:vlbi /data/removable\ > umount /data/removable\ Then from the vlbi account\ > mount /data/removable\ Test the new drives from the vlbi account:\ > cd /data/removable\ > mkdir test\ > cd test\ Quick test\ > diskspeed\ Check for data rates at or above 600 Mbps. \ \

Configuring the BIOS\

\ Sometimes when the removable IDE disks are added or removed the bios reorders its internal disk ids and gets the boot disk wrong. It will complain about “No Operating System Found”\

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