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Fixing the Disko font problem

Having problems getting disko to run because it can't find a font? Of course you are. It's actually a bug/feature in debian's perl/Tk installation. Here's how to fix it.

Others have had the same problem. This thread describes it as well as a fix. Basically, perl needs to be patched and rebuilt.

You will need to download this patch:

Log in to the data recorder PC as root.

  1. Make sure you have all the dependant packages
    • apt-get install devscripts libdb4.2-dev libgdbm-dev
  2. Get the perl source
    • apt-get source perl
  3. Remove the default patching,
    • cd perl-5.8.4
    • ./debian/rules unpatch
  4. Replace debian/patches/23_fix_utf8_taint with the one you downloaded
    • mv /somewhere/23_fix_utf8_taint debian/patches/23_fix_utf8_taint
  5. Patch and rebuild perl
    • debian/rules patch
    • dch -n Test Tk fix
    • dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc
  6. Re-install perl
    • cd ..
    • dpkg –install *perl*.deb
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