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Station Experiment Disk Location
ATCA v209c vlbi08b Swinburne
ATCA v209c vlbi09b Swinburne
ATCA v234c vlbi04 Swinburne
ATCA v234c vlbi11 Swinburne
ATCA v278a vlbi09b Swinburne
ATCA v278a vlbi11 Swinburne
ATCA v252f vlbi02b Swinburne
ATCA v252f vlbi01 Swinburne
Mopra v209c ToDo
Mopra v234c vlbi03 Swinburne
Mopra v234c vlbi10b Swinburne
Mopra v278a vlbi03 Swinburne
Mopra v276a vlbi03b Swinburne
Mopra v276a vlbi07b Swinburne
Mopra v252f vlbi02 Swinburne
Mopra v252f ToDo
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