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Running RtFC on Specific Telescopes

NOTE: Mark5 recorders can only dump fringe test data at pre-scheduled times. To determine the time of a specific file run, for example:

> m5time vt02am_ho_no0043.m5a Mark5B-256-4-2


Main recorder is cavsi1 (cavsi1-ext external to Narrabri).


Main recorder is mpvsi1 (mpvsi1-ext external to Mopra). If remote recording to cavsi2, don't forget to update RTFC environment variables.


Main recorder is pkvsi2 (pkvsi2-ext external to Parkes). Normally data is remote recorded to pam-store.


Hobart uses a Mark5b, which means you only get data at pre-scheduled times. The data dump area should go to hovsi via an nfs mount. You need to check with UTAS locals what the path is. If there is no data, get locals to check the nfs mount is setup correctly.


Ceduna uses a Flexbuf recorder, which currently (6/9/18) can only dump data “manually”. A local needs to dump data when required. The data dump area should be on cdvsi. You need to check with UTAS locals what the path is.

Katherine and Yarragadee

Katherine and Yarragadee need to be tunneled via Hobart. First ssh into hovsi then run (as appropriate)

rtfc-tunnel oper@mk5ke
rtfc-tunnel oper@mk5-2yg

(you need to know oper password). Then

cd /data


Data from the 12m and 30m go to different Mark5 systems. Data is transferred via a tunnel. Connect to the appropriate mark5 with the following command from pam0:



source evlbi/RtFC/
cd data
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