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Fringe Finding Troubleshooter\

\ If you fail to find fringes to your telescope check the following:\ \

  • DAS mode is correct\
    • Don't forget to press “Config Hwr” button\
    • Correct flipped or non-flipped profile selected\
    • Has the DAS profile accidently been overwritten? \
  • PC clock is correct\
    • Check with /usr/bin/ntpdata -q MACHINE\

MACHINE is for utas or pkvsi1-ext for atnf\

  • Antenna pointing at correct location\
    • Antenna on source at time of fringe check\
    • At Parkes atsnap has to be run after changing receiver\
  • Polarisation is correct\
  • Maser-GPS offset is as expected\
  • Frequency correct\
    • Coherence OK\
    • Can detect test tone in expected place with fauto\
  • Disk recorder is recording OK\
    • Correct channels selected in disko\
    • Sampler stats (shown in cdisko) look OK\
    • fauto give sensible results\
    • bigbuffer has not overflowed (restart recorder)\

\ \

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