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  ln -s /u/vlbi/ftp/kasi schedules  ln -s /u/vlbi/ftp/kasi schedules
 </code> </code>
 +==== SSH Keys ====
 +You will need ssh keys setup to copy schedule files onto the Mopra observing computer. The best approach is to setup an ssh key on your local machine (from which to log onto venice) and forward the ssh agent to allow your local ssh key to authorise the connection from venice to bigrock.
 +To forward a local ssh agent use the ''-A'' option for ssh.  Alternatively add the following to `~/.ssh/config`
 + Host *
 +   ForwardX11 no
 +   ForwardAgent yes
 +   ServerAliveInterval 60
 +For a guide to setting up an ssh key, see (your unix account will be needed).
 +Your public key (e.g. '''', will need to be copied to bigrock and added to ''.ssh/authorized_keys''. Please ask someone who already has access to do this, or local ATNF staff.
 +Copy the public to to bigrock then run `cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys`. Where `` is the name of the public key. Delete the copy of the key you copied over.
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