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Annual LBA Operations, Technical Meeting 23-24 June 2021

The “annual” LBA Ops meeting will be hosted by UTAS in Hobart, Tasmania.

The meeting will start at 9:30 am on Wednesday 23th, and finish at ~4pm on Thursday 24th. The Thursday will be used as a busy day to try and implement some of the suggestions arising from the previous day.

Remote facilities are available via Zoom. Contact Chris or Lucas for details.


University of Tasmania Sandy Bay Campus

Room 201 in the Chemistry Building. See picture below.

  • The venue (red cross) is most easily accessible from Churchill Av/Regent Street and Dobson Road to the FRONT​.
  • There are temperature sign-in stations at the orange stars, one conveniently in the entrance hall of the Chemistry building.
  • For those who are based locally or familiar and/or have signed in, The map below shows the directions from the Physics building to the venue, which is right next door to Simon's Chemistry office via the BACK​.
  • There will be some signs put up


9am arrival for 9:30am start

  • CSIRO/LBA Update (Chris)
  • Telescope reports
    • ATCA (JamieS)
      • BIGCAT (Chris)
    • Mopra (JamieS)
      • Mopra contracts (Chris)
    • Parkes (Chris)
    • ASKAP (Chris)
    • UTAS (Ceduna, Hobart) (Gabor)
    • Tid (Shinji)
    • AUT (Stuart)
    • Hart (Chris)
  • Correlator Report (Cormac)
  • Single frequency Geodetic VLBI (Oleg)
  • LAMBDA (Long Frequency VLBI Array) (3pm: George Heald)
  • LBA Spacecraft tracking (Guifre)
  • LBA Observing Contracts (Chris)
    • USNO
  • LBA Web/Documentation/Wiki (Cormac/Chris)
  • LBA Support Expectations (Jamie)
  • LBA Monitoring (Jamie)
  • Linear → Circular Polarisation Conversion (Cormac)
  • LBA Sensitivity Calculator (Chris)
  • Review of action items, busy day priorities

Action Items

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