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 +This was the set up we used on day 085, March 25th: \\
 +Agilent LO 10.5 \\
 +smy 808 MHz \\
 +DAS profile: ho16x2_n \\
 +VSIB to DAS S2 rec out: Direct cable \\
 +te093ho.snp and te093ho.prc were the drudg generated the test schedule files. \\
 +Fringes to Mopra and data streamed OK to JIVE \\
 +eVLBI fringes during Chris'​s correlation,​ url as follows: \\
 +http://​​lba-live/​lba-0-f0-p0.html \\
 +and \\
 +http://​​lba-live/​lba-0-f0-p1.html \\
 +The DAS profile has some LSB channels and as a result you need to allow for this when working out where the 5 MHz coherence tone should be. \\
 +In this case the 2 coherence tones are 4951 and 4961. The sky frequency is 4956. \\
 +regards, Brett. 27/3/09
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