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Recorded data to MK5 diskpack PKS-0006 and JPL-0092

Note for correlator: one of MK5 tracks (track 23) is missing due to the MK4-DAT Formatter problem. This has been the case for all MK5 data recorded since early 2010.

DSS-34 X-band RCP DC-05

Observer: shinji horiuchi, Operation Team (A and B)

DOY 092

Fine weather

06:15 started schedule, recording to PKS-0006 in bank=a

06:52:10-07:12:12 three sources (No. 69,70,and 71) missed due to antenna hittin wrap limit

12:57:23 recording stopped due to insufficient space on diskpack

13:16:26 started recording to JPL-0092 in bank=b

14:14:50 observation stopped for spacecraft support

17:05:54 back to schedule

19:09:12 observation terminated

Note added on 12 April 2011:

Calibration tables v271hti.tsys and v271hti.flag have been uploaded to the ftp incoming directory. However DSS-34 cannot generate meaningful flag-table information, hence the flag table is empty. The PC-field system log v271hti.log has also been uploaded.

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