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Maser offset is 2.94 microsecs (Maser lags GPS)

DBBC to Mk5 Chl Mappings

1 8409 8417 USB RCP 1 2 8425 8433 USB RCP 2 3 8439 8447 USB RCP 3 4 8457 8465 USB RCP 4 5 8409 8417 USB LCP 5 6 8425 8433 USB LCP 6 7 8439 8447 USB LCP 7 8 8457 8465 USB LCP 8

Recording with mode=ext,0000ffff,1

very poor schedule, we ended up with one 11hr recording v430a_ww_no0001 of over 2TB on the Mk5B. This entails a lot of extra work to extract the data, split it up into more manegable chunks for e-transfer to iVEC PBSTORE. Suggest record on before each scan with record off after. Look at v271h.

Data is in: /pbstore/as03/VLBI/Warkworth12m/v430a

Field System log file has been placed in the same location.

We could extract the first 2TB of v430a_ww_no0001 as one file, the split command was then used to chop it into managable units to send via gridFTP to the pbstore:

v430a_ww_no0001_aa v430a_ww_no0001_ab v430a_ww_no0001_ac v430a_ww_no0001_ad v430a_ww_no0001_ae v430a_ww_no0001_af v430a_ww_no0001_ag v430a_ww_no0001_ah v430a_ww_no0001_ai v430a_ww_no0001_aj v430a_ww_no0001_ak v430a_ww_no0001_al v430a_ww_no0001_am v430a_ww_no0001_an v430a_ww_no0001_ao v430a_ww_no0001_ap v430a_ww_no0001_aq v430a_ww_no0001_ar v430a_ww_no0001_as v430a_ww_no0001_at v430a_ww_no0001_au v430a_ww_no0001_av v430a_ww_no0001_aw v430a_ww_no0001_ax v430a_ww_no0001_ay v430a_ww_no0001_az v430a_ww_no0001_ba v430a_ww_no0001_bb v430a_ww_no0001_bc v430a_ww_no0001_bd v430a_ww_no0001_be v430a_ww_no0001_bf v430a_ww_no0001_bg v430a_ww_no0001_bh v430a_ww_no0001_bi v430a_ww_no0001_bj v430a_ww_no0001_bk v430a_ww_no0001_bl v430a_ww_no0001_bm v430a_ww_no0001_bn v430a_ww_no0001_bo v430a_ww_no0001_bp v430a_ww_no0001_bq v430a_ww_no0001_br

The last part took some work and has been extracted off the Mk5 as:

53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2189566596874 53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2243253688074 53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2296940779274 53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2350627870474 53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2404314961674 53687091200 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2458002052874 35932539120 /storage/shared/v430a/v430a_ww_no0001_2511689144074

The file name ends with the start byte pointer for that chunk, each is 50GB.

The last 3 scans where easier:

v430a_ww_no0218 v430a_ww_no0220 v430a_ww_no0222

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