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Agilent 13.04 GHz, LO 637 MHz

recording to CURT V003A

4 channels, 16 MHz

temp 9.4 C, wind 11 km/h

observer JD

VNC connection dropped out at UT 13:34. Came up again with no apparent problems at 13:39, recorder and telescope control still running without interruption.

VNC dropped out again about 18:03, restarted okay.

All communication to Ceduna dropped out at 18:45. Airmax reboot (adsl communication) at 19:15. VNC restarted. Telescope control and data recording still running okay.

Lost communication again at 19:36 UT. Back at 20:00

Tsys measurement fails after about 20:30 UT. The cal height is too small. Maybe cal control failure?

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