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 Began recording at UT 04:02\\ Began recording at UT 04:02\\
 \\ \\
-No fringes confirmed on initial CAL source.\\+Did not get time to run fringe check schedule.\\ 
 +No fringes confirmed on first source of main experiment.\\
 \\ \\
-UT 05:09: DAS profile changed to 64MHZ_F.PRO+UT 05:09: DAS profile changed to 64MHZ_F.PRO as part of attempt to diagnose lack of fringes. (Should be identical to 64MHZ_N.PRO)\\ 
 +Fringes confirmed at UT 05:54. Likely that data has been good from the beginning of the run. Reason for earlier lack of fringes unknown.
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