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 Agilent at 6.901 GHz\\ Agilent at 6.901 GHz\\
 LOs at 623 MHz\\ LOs at 623 MHz\\
-Coherence at 452.2 Mhz+Coherence at 452.2 Mhz\\ 
 +Ceduna windstowed pretty much continuously from 23:48 UT - 07:15 UT \\ 
 +A few minutes onsource around 02:05 UT for about 20-25 minutes 
 +Changed disks to CURT V005A at ~02:30 UT \\ 
 +Power level into RHS of DAS dropped at about 07:00 UT slowly recovered to be normal again at ~07:45 UT, not sure what the cause was - treat this data suspiciously
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