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-S-band Recever pass: RCP->DPLX->LNA1->D/C-1, LCP->LONO->LNA2->D/C-2 +S-band Recever pass: RCP->DPLX->LNA1(Maser)->D/C-1, LCP->LONO->LNA2(Hemt)->D/C-2 
 2nd LO: 432MHz,432MHz  2nd LO: 432MHz,432MHz 
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 Recorded to ATNF V0011,B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1  Recorded to ATNF V0011,B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1 
-Observer: Shinji Horiuchi and Ops-A team+Observer: Shinji Horiuchi and Paul Bladford (Ops-A team)
 +Zenith Tsys RCP(DC01) 28.18 K, LCP(DC02) 30.77 K
 +(Note: LCP data is available only after 17:54:45.) 
 15:07 Tid started on point and recording. 15:07 Tid started on point and recording.
 +15:34:00-15:42:08 no data due to long slew from Az 233 to 117
 +16:12:54-16:13:12 Bigbuf level too low - 10 percent - errors
 +16:13:13 Bigbuf level 100 percent
 +17:54:45 S-band LCP recorder input patching corrected (has been patched to X-band LCP!) 
 +19:46:00 DC2(LCP/LNA2/HEMT) Tsys logging started  
 +19:58:00 70m observation finished
 +Note added on 2012 June 4: Tsys files have been uploaded to atnf ftp infoming area. 
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