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We have had a problem during expt v466a. Have missed recording data from scans 0247 to 0287 inclusive. Suspect problem was caused by loss of socket connection to MK5B.

For this we will mk5 channel mapping thus

1 to 4 - RCP

5 to 8 - LCP

Recording mode 0x0000ffff:1

dbbcc dbbcform=wastro dbbcc dbbcform dbbcc dbbc09=340.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc10=356.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc11=372.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc12=388.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc13=340.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc14=356.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc15=372.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc16=388.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbcifc=1,agc,2 dbbcc dbbcifd=2,agc,2

Field System Log File sent to:

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