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For this we will mk5 channel mapping thus

1 to 4 - RCP 5 to 8 - LCP

Recording mode 0x0000ffff:1

dbbcc dbbcform=wastro dbbcc dbbcform dbbcc dbbc01=344.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc02=360.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc03=376.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc04=392.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc05=344.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc06=360.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc07=376.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbc08=392.00,a,16.00,16.00,1,agc,1 dbbcc dbbcifa=1,agc,2 dbbcc dbbcifb=2,agc,2

Field System Log File sent to:

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