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Refant is CA04 on W104.

Problem with sampler stats on recorder fluctuating. DAS levels OK, appear stable.

pcal done at UT 11:38:30 (L-band).
pcal done at 13:07 and ~13:12 (L-band).
Also 14:41:30, 14:55.
16:19, :21, :23, :25. Better after pcal at 16:25.
18:05-18:15 attempted several pcals - suspect bad tvchan selection for IF2! (RFI in zoom band)

18:23 set 'abph 0 -90' and did pcal at C-band (CA01 phase had drifted out somewhat).
Set abph back to 0 90 for next attempt at L-band..

after pcal, by 19:41, phases at L-band much better! (tvchan range was the issue)

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