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No (or very weak to Ho) fringes at C-band in vc200b. NB this turned out to be due to combination of DAS profile and recording (“inverted recording” option) not resulting in the expected inversion/channel ordering. (Eventually solved by Chris, so data should all be recoverable.)

Fringes to Cd in vc200a.

Pcals done:
L-band: ~11:40, 12:35, 16:25, 18:05, 18:18

C-band (abph 0 -90): 16:05, 18:29

Cdisko gui had frozen. Recording still seems OK. After ctrl-c in window running cdisko2, could not restart because of “X11 connection rejected”. Logged in as vlbi@cavsi1 in another window and restarted OK at ~17:55 UT. Experiment queue still seems to be running/changing as expected.

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