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 +Observer = PGE
 +Copied rk08up.sch (C-band) to rk08up2.sch and adjusted freqs to K-band.
 +Do first 10 minutes with Mopra at K-band, before switching to C-band.
 +(My mistake, I was confusing this run with a run the previous night 
 +where we changed Mopra from C-band to K-band. But it might be a 
 +useful check of K-band fringes between ATCA and Mopra.)
 +Mopra ~1 minute late getting on source: Good data from 15:01:30UT
 +Recording to mpvsi2:/data/xraid1 CURT V002B
 +At end of observation noticed recorded with wrong DAS profile ( Will need to adjust in software before correlation.
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