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For Fringe checks we appeared to be missing channels:

I have just run m5bstat on the fringe test data from Ww for the v271n experiment. This clearly shows there are three “missing” channels. These correspond to the bad channels seen in m5spec. I doubt this is a bug in the mark5access libraries/utilities.

m5bstat should be installed on your mark5s as I use m5time and m5slice for the fringe testing.

Output below. This is for the No0011 scan I think. Note the sampler stats should ideally be 17.3/32.7/32/7/17.3% (columns 6-9). Channels 9-11 are unusable.


There was a simultaneous loss of connection reported between both 12 and 30 metre Field Systems and their respective antenna controllers, not sure exactly when but noticed this about 10:30 pm? Logs will reveal exact time. Both antenna controllers were tripped, SL3.HF. I had no choice but to power cycle the controllers to clear this. Once power cycled the the Field System(s) immediately reconnected to the controllers. Error messages then appeared about no connection to the DBBC(s). I have left the 30m in this state but on the 12m had to restart the DBBC to get the FS to talk to it. This necessitated a resynch etc. 12m picked up v271n schedule from scan 229 onwards.

Stuart Checked scans manually:

Scan 540 all 16 channels.

I have checked a 2nd scan no0168 and we have all 16 channels.

So between the fringe checks and part way through the session all is good.

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