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ATCA setup as follows:

DAS profile: on both DAS.

CA04 is at 7mm (it has the best noise diode for the 7mm frequency of 43532 MHz).

CA01,2,3,5 are at 3mm.

CABB IF1 is 7mm, IF2 is 3mm.

The tied array for IF1 is CA04 only, and for IF2 is CA01,2,3. Both tied arrays are linear polarisations.

The reference antenna is CA04 on W104.

IF1 is being recorded to the local disk ATNF V002A on cavsi1. IF2 is being recorded onto the Xcube /data disk.

The ATCA CABB data is being recorded as project C2997.

Shortly before the beginning of the experiment I did a pointing on 3C273 at 7mm. Other pointing scans were performed at (all times show when the main schedule was stopped to the time when it was back on source on main schedule):

10:29:30 - 10:44:40, on 1252+119.

11:51:00 - 12:04:20, on 1212+171.

13:25:30 - 13:39:10, on M84.

14:49:30 - 15:02:50, on 3C273.

Condition reports:

09:30 UTC, start of main schedule:

Lovely weather at last! The seeing is around 100 microns, and the phases are stable enough that I have included three antennas in the 3mm tied array, CA01 on W98, CA02 on N14 and CA03 on N5.

09:51 UTC:

Antenna 1 seems to be drifting around in phase compared to the other antennas. In fact, CA05 looks much more stable when compared to CA02 and CA03, so I've changed the tied array from 123 to 235.

10:44 UTC:

Still lovely seeing, at around 50 microns now! No change to the tied array for now though, still not sure about CA01.

12:04 UTC:

Seeing up over 150 microns now, but the 3mm tied array 235 still looks good.

13:40 UTC:

Seeing hovering around 100 microns.

13:45 UTC:

When back on 3C273, the phases are moving quite rapidly now. I've had to drop the 3mm tied array back to just CA02,CA03.

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