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 +Recording to atnf_v002b1-7_p2 mounted as /exports/xraid/1_2 \\
 +Recorder not started till 220/0217:30 \\
 +Went straight to LCP only, dual freq mode. \\
 +Sorry we missed the dual pol calibration detailed at the end of the wiki page. "Print" prints the first page only. \\
 +Drive error at about 220/1016.  Lost about 30 seconds while drives restarted \\
 +Removed S/X phase cal from Mark IV rack at about 220/1022 \\
 +Swapped disks from ATNF_V002B_P2 to ATNFV002_P1 at 220/1340 \\
 +Setup change from dual polarization to dual IF mode 220/1436-1440 \\
 +Setup change from dual IF mode to dual frequency at 220/1524-1526 \\
 +Stopped experiment at 220/1525 for calibration \\
 +Recorded 5 minutes of data with LCP/LCP at 6656 MHz for calibration purposes (started at 220/1628) \\
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