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Hobart started recording at 220/180520 UT
Initially had inverted DAS profile, this was corrected at about 220/180600 UT
Setup for Hobart is Agilent 16.6 GHz, SMY 636 MHz, DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO
Coherence check achieved with 929.375 MHz (24th harmonic of 22305 MHz) into the receiver tone port
Fringe check shows crossed polarization at Hobart (i.e. LCP into IFP#1 and RCP into IFP#2) - sorry about that, local Wiki on 22 GHz setup is out of date
Calibration done through observations of Jupiter at about 30 deg elevation. Relative humidity is 100% and 100% overcast. Estimate opacity probably no better than 0.15. Assuming an observed flux density for Jupiter of 52 Jy (70 Jy x opacity correction) I get cal heights of 81 and 127 for LCP and RCP which translates to system temperatures of around 2800 Jy (similar for both pols)

above written by Simon who observed till dawn

Raining at end of experiment

Recorded to atnf_voo4b_p1 mounted as /exports/xraid/r_1
There was 7% space left on the disk at the end
Regards, Brett

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